Experience:  40 years

Seminars attended:  Carlisle Application Practices (EPDM) - 1982
                    Moisture Surveys - 1983
                    Moisture Surveys (Nuclear Moisture Meter)  1984
                    Firestone Application Practices (EPDM) - 1984
                    Goodyear Application Practices (EPDM) -1985
                    Owens-Corning Roof Audit Program - 1986
                    Alphalt Institution - 1986
                    Owens-Corning Roof Audit Program - 1987
                    Sarnafil Application Practices - 1990
                    GAF Roof Specifications Seminar - 1991
                    Level I, "Basics of Roofing Seminars"
                    (Roof Consultants Institute) - 1991

Mr. Jack Fullerton is the company president and manages the roofing and waterproofing areas of Moisture Infiltration Consultants, Inc.. Mr. Fullerton holds a Bachelor &  Master's Degree of Science in Engineering.

Mr. Fullerton has been actively involved in the investigation and supervision of remedial  commercial, government, historic and multi-family projects for over seventeen years.  His experience includes positions in various related occupations incuding Technical  Consultant, General Superintendent, Quality Control Specialist, and Estimator, on a myriad of multi-million dollar projects.  Specifically, Mr. Fullerton has been involved with  renovations for the Smithsonian Institute, the Department of the Navy, and countless other notable projects.

Mr. Fullerton has completed innumerable roofing systems, balcony assembly, facade wall system and parking garage facility rehabilitative projects consistently within  technical , budgetary and time guideliens.  He has represented owners and property managers in all phases of field operations, providing strict quality control while  coordinating operations and maintaining communication between all parties.

Mr. Fullerton is respected in the industry for his extensive knowledge in standard design  practices and mateiral compatibility of nearly every roofing system on the market today, including: built-up, EPDM, modified bitumen, PVC, standing seam metal, slate, wood  shakes and shingle.  Providing technical expertise in these areas has ensured the success of the most specialized design schemes.
His comprehensive experience in all aspects of concrete rehabilitation has ensured the successful completion of countless projects.  Mr. Fullerton possesses working  knowledge in concrete quality control testing of materials and material compatibility.  In addition, his background includes supervision of trowel applied, dry pack, full member  replacement, form and cast-in-place, form and pump, preplaced aggregate, as well as dry/wet shotcrete rehabilitaiton techniques.  Combined with his familiarity with related  materials, anti-corrosion systems, admixtures and curing procedures, his background encompasses a full range of concrete remedial strategies.

Mr. Fullerton also provides expertise in general waterproofing technology in building facades.  He has furnished technical consulting on projects relating to concrete, glass  and masonry curtain wall assemblies, as well as load bearing concrete and masonry systems.

Mr. Fullerton has been accepted as an expert witness involving roofing and  waterproofing related testimony in the State of Florida, Maryland,  Virginia, and

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