Every attempt has been made to carefully select our staff from those individuals who have demonstrated expertise in the field.  Each member of our firm has gained their experience working on projects throughout the United States.  MIC is a completely independent corporation without ties to any roofing contractor, materials supplier or roofing materials manufacturer. 

In our comprehensive approach, we offer the following services:
    1.  Development of plans and specifications, either for major
        roof repair or for roof replacement;
    2.  Development of bidding and contract documents;

    3.  Pre-bid solicitation of qualified contractors;

    4.  Contract administration services;

    5.  Review and certification of payment applications;

    6.  Construction supervision of contractor's during  installation;

    7.  Routine inspections, reports and recommendations, and

    8.  Comprehensive inspection, including visual inspection,  laboratory testing of  samples, and daily progress reports with recommendations.

Roof engineering and consultation, paticularly for rehabilitation/replacement work, is our specialty,  not just a supplemental service.  Since the services requested are part of our normal routine, we can readily incorporate the needed work into our schedule.

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