Ronald L. Bowling, Jr. Senior Consultant

Experience:  15 years

Seminars attended: Firestone Application Practices (EPDM) - 1984
                             Goodyear Application Practices (EPDM) - 1985
                             Carlisle Application Practices (EPDM) - 1982
                             Owens-Corning Roof Audit Program      - 1986
                             Moisture Surveys
                             (Nuclear Moisture Meter) - 1984
                             GAF Roof Specifications Seminar - 1991     
                             Level I, "Basics of Roofing Seminar"
                             presented by Roof Consultants Institute - 1991

Mr. Ronald L. Bowling, Jr., Senior Vice President, directs the project and construction management aspects of Moisture Infiltration Consultants.

During the past fifteen years, Mr. Bowling has managed over one hundred million dollars worth of new and rehabilitative constuction projects.  He has successfully completed complex waterproofing and roofing projects, in addition to multi-family and office building restorations, and new multi-use commercial buildings.

Mr. Bowling has comprehensive experience related to all classifications of roofing systems including: built-up, PVC, EPDM, modified bitumen, slate, tile, and asphalt shingles.  He has served as liaison for various government agencies such as the United States Department of Labor, the United States Department of Treasury, and the United States Navy.  His involvement with these agencies encompassed all aspects of the projects, from design review to construction quality control for several roofing systems totalling over 1,000,000 square feet.

Mr. Bowling's responsibilities include design evaluation, project planning, estimating, scheduling bidding, contracting, and financial control.  He provides supervision of contractors and executes a project from the conceptual stage through the warranty period. He maintains contractor schedules for completion, and controls the cost of construction.  The financial interests of the project benefits immeasurably from his knowledgeable and active participation on their behalf.

Mr. Bowling has executed several complex, multi-family apartment building rehabilitation projects within the occupancy requirements of the owners.  During the course of these projects, meticulous
scheduling requirements were met.  He provides technical expertise to subcontractors, and maintains compliance with contract documents.  He has consistently provided the owner with a successfully completed project within time and budgetary mandates.

Mr. Bowling has been accepted as an expert witness involving roofing and waterproofing related testimony in the District of Columbia.


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