Blaine Mansion

Several years ago, MIC was hired by Hagner Management to correct moisture concerns from the foundation to the roof. In cooperation with numerous Contractors, the process will be completed at the end of the year 2000. Ensuring protection of the building from moisture penetration has given new life for this historical structure for years to come.

As Chester A. Arthur settled into the White House in 1882, roofers a few blocks away were driving hand made nails to secure a new slate roof on a Dupont Circle mansion. Although the Arthur presidency hasn't weathered well (who even remembers President Arthur?), the roof on the Blaine Mansion lasted 115 years. The moral: Though a slate roof can last 21 president, it can last forever.

 The new roof that MIC recently installed at the Massachusetts Avenue and P Street building built for former Secretary of State James G. Blaine should last through an equally impressive number of presidencies. With 12,000 slate shingles weighing more than 27 tons, the roof is not only beautiful but extremely durable.

Quarried just south of the capitol in Buckingham County, Virginia, the slate is guaranteed for the life of the building. its high density gives it durability and also helps retain its deep blue color. In fact, a replacement shingle added 20 years from now would be indistinguishable in color from the slate installed this year.

 This years work on the Blaine Mansion required a repair of the entire mansard roof. Before removing the old roof, MIC  took extensive measurements and photographs to make sure the intricate patterns and designs of the old slate could be exactly replicated. Then thousands of individual slate shingles needed to be hand-cut at 45-degree angles to mirror the scallop shape of the old slate. The roof's three towers, multiple pitches and elevations, hips and valleys,skylights and dormer windows added to the formidable task.

 "We took everything down to the bare wood and replaced it exactly as they had it." 


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