J. Randy Fullerton Project Manager

Experience:  13 years

Mr. Fullerton has been involved in the roofing business for the past thirteen years.  In addition to a comprehensive background of hands-on experience, he has worked in a supervisory capacity for the past ten years.  His past duties have included managing both small and large roofing projects, as well as historic renovations.

Mr. Fullerton has extensive experience with all industry accepted roofing systems and application procedures.  He also has a working knowledge of basic plumbing and drainage requirements in relation to the roofing profession.

Prior to his association with MIC, Mr. Fullerton was employed by a local roofing consulting firm which specialized in government contracts.  His responsibilites entailed overseeing a wide variety of roofing projects with diverse applications.  Mr. Fullerton has completed projects ranging from $25,000 to $1.3 million dollars.  He has experience with both the new and reconstruction aspects of the roofing industry.

As a superintendent, Mr. Fullerton was responsible for scheduling projects, meeting deadlines, hiring staff, quality control, working with material manufacturers, and maintaining open lines of communication between building managers, owners, and contractors.

Mr. Fullerton is familiar with the investigative and assessment techniques of existing roofing systems.  He is knowledgeable of accepted methods of repair and installation in accordance with industry standards.  Mr. Fullerton's experience with the evaluation of existing roofing also includes recommendations for cost effective replacement systems.

Mr. Fullerton's knowledge of materials and installation methods in the field extends to waterproofing technology, as well as curtain walls and sealants.  He has worked on the restoration of the exterior envelope of historic structures.  In addition, Mr. Fullerton has provided quality control supervision of new building envelope systems, including glazing of curtain wall systems, precast concrete, balcony waterproofing and roofing systems.

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