Wilber K. Deakins lll  Project Manager

Experience:  20 years

Mr. Deakins has been actively involved in the building construction industry for twenty years.  For the past fifteen years, he has specialized in all phases of roofing and waterproofing.  He has many years of hands-on experience, as well as extensive knowledge of technical repairs to building failures caused by moisture penetration on both commercial and residential projects.  Mr. Deakins technical proficiency and impressive resume of supervisory experience enables him to perform with the highest quality of management in building rehabilitation projects.

Mr. Deakins technical expertise encompasses all phases of the waterproofing industry.  He has consulted on material use, safety precautions, and expenditure evaluations used to generate cost effective solutions.  His expertise extends to the evaluation of details both on-site and in concept to ensure proper design procedures.  His abilities also include a comprehensive working knowledge of construction and building contracts, specifications and plans.  Mr. Deakins knowledge of roofing systems far exceeds the required qualifications of Project Manager.  He is thoroughly familiar with the myriad of roofing systems available on the current market including: EPDM, hypalon, modified bitumem, sloped and built-up roofing.  In addition to his experience with roofing, he has hands-on experience with the techniques required to perform chemical grouting, soil stabilization, application of water resistant coatings and pressurized grouting.

As a Project Manager, Mr. Deakins is well equipped to evaluate proper moistureproofing design and installation procedures.  In addition to quality control, his duties include the responsibilities of managing the project.  These functions encompass coordination of construction efforts with tenants and ownership, requisition and change order assessment for budget control, and progress evaluation.  He approaches these important tasks with diligence, enthusiasm and integrity.

Mr. Deakins has worked on notable rehabilitation projects including, but not limited to, the historic Blair House located in the District of Columbia, the Corcoran Art Gallery, Dulles International Airport and the Federal Bureau of Investigation building.

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