Gary Wolfe, P.E.

Experience:  25 years

Gary Wolfe, P.E., holds a B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering and has completed post graduate work in waterways engineering and civil engineering construction.

Mr. Wolfe has worked as a manager in the private and public sectors, which has provided insight into working with both.  His expertise includes design, inspection, construction of utilities, treatment plants, roads, buildings, residential, commercial, and industrial facilities, maintenance and renovation, sanitary and environmental projects.

Mr. Wolfe has over twenty-five years of experience in both civil engineering design and management.  In addition to holding positions that entail mainly management, nearly all of the projects have utilized his technical skills or he has designed them personally.  His specific areas of expertise are in water and wastewater treatment, site plan, roadway and roof design and construction management.  He has directed projects in the Washington Metropolitan area, as well as numerous projects in Pennsylvania. He has been accepted as an expert witness in court.


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