Chris S. Hanson, P.A.

Experience:  20 years

Chris S. Hanson, P.E., offers professional engineering expertise and design for existing buildings and new construction.

Mr. Hanson has been a principal in a consulting engineering professional corporation and was responsible for management, planning and direction of comprehensive programs at the national level for the building code enforcement community.

Mr. Hanson has investigated and managed remedial construction projects, and performed design and construction management services.  He has provided engineering design and supervision for new commercial, industrial and multi-family residential buildings.  He has participated in testing of building components, as well as preparation of construction and safety standards and codes.  He has performed engineering surveys, present condition studies of commercial and multi-family residential buildings, with recommended action and budget to correct deficiencies. He has also prepared specifications for replacement of building components and represented owners during construction and replacment.  His participation in design of preventative maintenance programs for buildings and components included implementation oversight. He has prepared schedule of replacement reserves for major building components.

Mr. Hanson's expertise in building design and construction, and in mechanical and electrical building systems spans over twenty years in the industry.  He has regulated building code enforcement for municipalities and has served as director of several municipal government departments with responsibility for planning, zoning, and traffic engineering.  He has served as an advisor to the Virginia Statewide Building Code Committee, and on several national and state committees such as ANSI, ASTM, Southern Building Code Congress, and Southeastern Virginia District Air Pollution Control Committee.  Mr. Hanson has contracted with agencies of the United States Government and successfully managed and completed projects and seminars for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the United States Department of Energy, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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